Pai-Chia Ch’uan

What is the Pai Family System of Kung-Fu?

The “Pai Family System” (Pai-Chia P’ai) is an eclectic martial art that places great emphasis on Chinese traditions and values as well as martial technique. The Pai Family System is a mixture of the White Dragon Fist Method (Pai-Lung Ch’uan-Fa) and elements of other martial systems.

Essentially a short fist method, Pai Family boxing is based on the coiling, compacting and expanding qualities of the Dragon. Constant forward motion, limb trapping and sticking to an opponent is typical of the Pai method.

The basic curriculum is a well rounded, comprehensive program containing elements of Northern Long Fist, Southern Shaolin, and Chinese/Okinawan Kempo.

The name we use to describe our art is:

 (Pai Family Boxing)

The core of  “Pai-Chia Ch’uan” (pronounced Bye-Jya Chywan) is based on the martial teachings of the late Dr. Daniel K. Pai  (Pai T’ien-Lung, 1930-1993). These teachings are known by various names according to their particular source and nature:

Pai-Lum Kung-Fu, Pai Family Kung-Fu, Chinese Kempo, White Dragon Fist Method (Pai-Lung Ch’uan-Fa or Bok-Loong Kuen-Fat), White Lotus Style (Pai-Lien P’ai or Bok-Leen Pai).