Pai Family Martial Training Association

About Our School

The Pai Family Martial Training Association © (白家武功會)  is headed by David L. Smith and his senior students, Daniel Anhalt and William Luciano.
This branch of the Pai Family Arts  is generally referred to as Pai-Chia Ch’uan (Pai Family Fist).  The formal name of Mr. Smith’s branch system is Pai-Lin Ch’uan © (白林拳).

The Director of this association, David L. Smith (Pai Ching-Lin), is an adopted grandson of Grandmaster Daniel K. Pai.  Mr. Smith started his training under Grandmaster Pai in 1970 and in June of 1982 was appointed chief instructor for Pai-Lum in the Northeastern United States.

The Primary purpose of this organization is to promote the teachings with regard to the Martial Arts of Grandmaster Daniel K. Pai and to provide for growth in skill and understanding of persons learning and practicing those arts. It is also the purpose of the organization to provide for the orderly development of qualified, certified instructors of these arts and to support them in teaching in a skillful, professional manner.  In addition to continuing the Pai martial
tradition, the association maintains the general goal of providing to all those who participate in its activities, information and experiences which will support them in realizing and fulfilling their full human potential in all aspects of their being.